There are lots of free logo design templates out there and choosing the right one is really a challenging process! Read and discover how to make the right call and pick the best logo template for your restaurant business!

If you are planning to open your own restaurant or you are already running a restaurant, designing a unique logo is one of the most important things you should do for your business. You should consider the logo as your business card. It is the first interaction with your customers and should definitely leave a positive impression. In other words, it should become the most recognizable thing associated with your brand and business.
Designing a logo is simpler than ever, especially if you have a rough idea of your new logo. Using a free logo maker software is the best way to create your own logo and the best part is that you will spend $0 dollars to create the logo. There are some logo maker software that require a small fee to download the logo (the fee is usually around $10). The good news is that there are lots of great logo makers out there and even more free logo design templates to choose from. The bad news is that choosing the right one is really a challenging process.
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How to make the right call? How to pick the right logo template to design your new logo?

Here are a few tips that can help you:

Keep it simple

Whatever you do, don’t forget to keep in simple. There are a few types of logos such as abstract logos, abbreviation logos, wordmark logos, symbol logos, and etc. The wordmark logo is probably one of the most used types because the brand name is in the logo and that is what makes people remember the logo easier. Some of the best examples of wordmark logos are Visa, Disney, Jeep, Puma, and etc. As you can probably notice, some of the best wordmark logos have short names or names that are easy to remember and easy to spell. If your brand name has a short and easy to spell logo, our recommendation is to use a wordmark logo, however, if you want to design a catchy and outstanding logo, you should play with colors and fonts.

The logo should tell your story

The truth is that everybody loves stories and it is truly amazing when a logo presents a part of the story of your restaurant business and brand. Those kinds of logos drive curiosity and interest. One good example of a storytelling logo is the BMW logo. If your brand doesn’t have a story, you can come up with a loto that shares your values and goals. One great example is Amazon. Their logo is an underlining arrow from A to Z which clearly shows that they sell absolutely everything from A to Z.

Use the right colors

This is a great tip as it can help you decide which free logo design templates are suitable for you and your business, based on the colors. As you know, color is a very important part of the logo and its design. The power of color controls the emotion of the people and it can evoke negative and positive feelings towards your business. It is essential to pick the right colors that can help you share your message and touch the hearts of your customers.

You can find some great and free logo design templates on elegantflyer.com. Find the best one for your restaurant and create your own logo in less than 10 minutes!

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Use the right colors


The logo should tell your story