Why Tailor Brands is One of the Best Free Logo Maker Software Solutions on the Market

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Why Tailor Brands is One of the Best Free Logo Maker Software Solutions on the Market

Looking for a free logo maker software to design your own logo? Read and discover why Tailor Brands is one of the best solutions on the market!

What is Tailor Brands? We are glad you ask!

In this article, we will discuss Tailor Brands and we will present you a few reasons why this is one of the best free logo maker software solutions out there.

With Tailor Brands, you can design a logo by yourself, in just a few minutes. They don’t have a professional designer who you can talk to, consult and help you design a logo just for you. But, what they do offer you is an algorithm that will select and recommend a number of different logos based on the logo designs you actually prefer. Are we talking about AI or Artificial Intelligence here?

Well, it is something like that.

When it comes to other logo maker generator tool, you usually select a logo by scrolling through a library with thousands of photos and graphics available. From the library, you select a photo you want as your new logo. The whole process for other logo generators is just self-served. This is all great, but, what if you don’t have an idea for a good logo design.

Tailor Brands differentiates from other free logo maker software solutions because they use a personalized and a completely automated approach to design your logo. You can forget about scrolling through the graphics or font styles available. Tailor Brands will ask you a few design questions to discover what type of design best appeals to your needs, as well as, your company’s needs. Based on the answers, they will suggest and design a logo they think will best match your design style. It sounds pretty easy, right?

Yes, it is like having a personal logo designer helping you, but you don’t have to wait and it definitely won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

If you want to design a logo, you need to insert your company name, describe your business in 1 sentence, choose between the types of logos you prefer (icon-based logo, name-based logo or initial-based logo) and pick a font design you like. The whole process will take less than 5 minutes and it is pretty fun as well. Free logo download is possible for low-resolution photo only (high-resolution photo download costs between $24-$99).

That’s it! That is how you design a logo with Tailor Brands!

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